Apple Music: Transfer Spotify playlists – this is how the import works

Apple’s own music streaming service, Apple Music, has been available since June. Meanwhile, Spotify announces that it will limit its free offering. If you want to switch, you have the option of importing your playlists from Spotify to Appe Music.

So there is no need to rebuild your painstakingly assembled music collection. Here you can find out how to import the playlists.

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Here’s how to transfer Spotify playlists to Apple Music

The import does not work directly via the Apple Music functions, but via the external online tool Exportify.

  1. Calls Exportify.
  2. Click on “Get started”.
  3. Log into your account with the well-known Spotify data.
  4. Confirmed that Exportify can access your Spotify data.
  5. All your created Spotify playlists will now be displayed.
  6. Click on the “Export” button, the playlists can now be downloaded as a CSV file.

Apple Music: Spotify import

Now you have to import the music lists into Apple Music. This requires the additional software StAMP. This converts the Spotify list into the Apple Music counterpart.

  1. Opens the website.
  2. Download the STAMP application on Windows or Mac OS X.
  3. Mac OS users must turn on “Accessibility” in the “Security & Privacy” section of System Preferences.
  4. Once started, the “Import from CSV” button can be found in the application.
  5. Launches iTunes. You can now press the “Start Import” button via STAMP.
  6. The Spotify playlists are now transferred to iTunes and thus to Apple Music. The process can take some time, during the import you should not do any other work on the computer.
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Besides importing Spotify, StAMP also allows inserting music lists from Google Music and Rdio. StAMP is free to download. In the free version of the software, a maximum of ten songs can be imported per session. If you want to transfer your entire music collection to Apple Music, you can upgrade the program for a fee. We also show you how to save Spotify playlists to SD card.

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