Connect Tinder to Spotify and find dates by music taste

Anyone who wants to help their search for happiness on Tinder now has the opportunity to put their taste in music in the shop window. You can now connect your Tinder profile to Spotify. You can find out here what all this brings and how the connection works.

From now on you can add a favorite song to your Tinder profile via Spotify and present your taste in music more prominently. This is to help find dates with similar tastes in music.

Tips and tricks for Spotify:

Connect Tinder to Spotify: This brings the link

If you have a Spotify account, another Tinder user’s favorite music can be displayed directly on their profile. In addition to the favorite song, other artists and acts can be displayed in order to be able to use their music profile for dating purposes. Even without a Spotify account, you can add your favorite song to your own account and listen to hits from other potential dates in the stream.

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You can also use the link to see which songs your counterpart is playing in continuous rotation through the playlists on Spotify. The connection of the dating profile with the taste in music makes one or the other think back to the old MySpace days, when one could set up the automatic playback of favorite songs on one’s profile.

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Connecting Tinder to Spotify: How it works

On the one hand, by linking Tinder and Spotify, you can see what taste in music you might have to accept. In addition, you can quickly determine whether there are interfaces between the tastes in music. So if you only want to look for a metalhead or an Andreas Gabalier fanatic, Tinder now has the right tool integrated into the app.

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Thats how it works:

  1. Find your anthem for Tinder on Spotify.
  2. Controls the settings in the Tinder app to connect Tinder to Spotify. Alternatively, you can create a new Spotify account using the corresponding app from the Google Play Store or iTunes App Store.
  3. Choose the artists, bands and artists you want to appear on your Tinder profile.
  4. Start swiping to find dating candidates who share your taste in music.

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