Spotify Premium apk Download: Download Spotify for Pc Windows 10 11 [2022-2023]

The Spotify client for download, with which you can listen to your heart’s content of free music on Spotify, create your playlists and share them with your friends, and have Spotify Radio play randomly selected music tailored to your taste.

Conclusion: Listen to over 20 million songs for free, lots of well-sorted, ready-made playlists, and much more – there is nothing wrong with Spotify.

Very extensive music collection Ready-made playlists Clear interface Facebook connection 

Note: If you prefer to use Spotify in your web browser without downloading it, use the Spotify web app. Spotify is also available as an app for Android and iOS as Spotify Music. There is also the client for Mac:

With the Spotify Download, you get the Spotify client, with which you can access the Spotify service from your computer. This provides you with over 20 million pieces of music that you can listen to as you wish without downloading. Search for your favorite songs with the Spotify download, create playlists with your favorites, discover music that many are currently listening to on Spotify, and listen to the Spotify radio, which plays songs randomly selected according to your listening habits.

In our photo gallery you can find out how you can use Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, and Co. together and save money at the same time:

Listen to your favorite songs with Spotify Download

After downloading Spotify, you also have plenty of ready-made playlists that you can listen to. These can include, for example, current charts or selected tracks from certain genres. Even playlists in which different pieces of music have been put together for different moods can be called up.

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The Spotify Premium account

Spotify can be used completely free of charge, but then you have to put up with the fact that advertisements are displayed while listening to songs. If you don’t want that, you can purchase a premium account for EUR 9.99 per month. With a premium account, there are no more ads, and you can also download music in high quality and listen offline. You can also synchronize downloaded music with Android and iOS devices, for which you still need Spotify for Android or Spotify for iOS. Regarding your playlists and other preferences saved online, you can access them from your smartphone or tablet even in the free version.

Connect Spotify to Facebook

If you wish, you can also connect Spotify to your Facebook account. If you do that, you can see what music your Facebook friends who are also on Spotify are listening to and access their playlists.

Spotify Music: The app for enjoying music on the go

In free mode, you get the app SpotifyMusic Access to the entire range of Spotify music, but only in shuffle mode on smartphones. Here you can listen to playlists, songs by specific artists, or specific albums.

This limitation of the Spotify Music app does not exist on tablets, you can listen to the songs you want directly here. The free version of the Spotify Music app works with ad breaks on both smartphones and tablets.

The Spotify Music app provides you with a search function that you can use to search for specific artists, songs, or podcasts. The library gives you access to your favorite playlists, artists, albums, and podcasts.

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Spotify Music is available for Android and iOS:

In the settings of the Spotify Music app you can, among other things, activate the data saver if you want to save your mobile data volume. However, the quality of the music playback is then also lower. You can also set various playback options such as crossfade.

Spotify Music app requires iOS 9.0 or higher in the iOS version, for Android devices the required operating system version is device dependent.

How to edit the Spotify queue (PC & smartphone)

Opinion: Spotify and Apple Music: More variety, but less variety

I used to collect CDs and create mixes on minidiscs, but now I do it all online and via an app. Was listening to music just awkward and limited 25 years ago? A few thoughts on Spotify, Apple Music, and Co. – this time without any technology.

I’m an Apple Music user. But after getting upset about the chaos there and hearing only good things about Spotify, I’m currently testing this service to get to the bottom of the matter. A technical comparison of the two competitors is not the point at this point – I can only summarize in one sentence that Spotify is not significantly better than Apple Music for me. To be discussed.

Change through music streaming: Two theses on change

While listening to music, I found that both services work very similarly and that they lead to a new way of consumption. In the 90s I lived my hobby no. 1 in a completely different way. But what exactly is the difference and was everything better in the past?

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In general, it can be said that music streaming services are changing our listening habits. Even the music itself is adapting to these changed conditions: The new songs are now being specially optimized for Spotify, with the producers packing as much hit potential as possible into the first 30 seconds. You can find more about this in my reading tip, below in the references.

Back to the change in the user. I think the changes can be outlined with two theses:

1. The variety is infinite

This statistic shows the number of songs available on Spotify worldwide in selected months from August 2014 to March 2018. In March 2018, more than 35 million songs were available on Spotify worldwide (Image Source: Spotify / Statista)

No human could ever listen to all the songs available on the major music streaming services – the number is practically endless. In addition, clever algorithms help you to listen to a never-ending stream of new songs that suit your taste in music. To put it bluntly: In theory, you don’t have to listen to a song twice, because there are so many others that are just as great.

That’s the problem.

2. Diversity is inhibited

In 1997, before the internet ruled the world, a few things were different. When listening to music, the selection was much smaller. Apart from the radio and Viva + MTV, there was mainly my CD collection and the CDs (or records, cassettes, and minidiscs) of friends. So I had a smaller “radius of movement” compared to today with music always available. That’s why I listened to many an album very often, even if I didn’t think it was that great the first time. In general: I listened to albums and not playlists. Today, due to endless variety and choice, nobody has to put themselves through an album in a row or even listen to a song that doesn’t rock within the first minute.

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This creates a new problem – and that has something to do with the nature of music itself: sometimes it just takes time and patience to feel it, to understand it, and finally to love it. With endless streams of “songs, you might like” there’s bound to be exciting new stuff to discover – but only the ones that resonate immediately with the listener. The “difficult” rest is thrown away. This means that part of the possible diversity is lost.

Imagine you go on vacation and only have nine cassettes with you (Image Source: Getty Images / josefkubes)

Music, the undiscovered land

Many a voyage of discovery in my youth was anything but easy fare: works like “Bitches Brew” by Miles Davis or “Selected Ambient Works Volume II” by Aphex Twin are bulky – they require the listener to be willing to adapt to the sound and not vice versa. This also applies to great albums from the rock, classical, reggae, punk genres… sometimes the spark only ignites after the tenth listen.

We live in an on-demand society and we have more choice in every respect than before the digitization of media. This not only applies to music, but also to films, series, video games – if something doesn’t immediately captivate you, you don’t get a second chance. In doing so, we miss many a masterpiece that surpasses everything else. Breaking Bad takes a few episodes to get started – you might not find that out on your own because you’re just watching something else.

Is everything bad today? No, we live in great times and I see music streaming as a clear gain in convenience. Nevertheless, I would like to appeal to the younger generation: Listen to something “from the other bank” and not just the first 30 seconds of a song. Spotify may know what you like now – but not what might broaden your horizons in the long term. Back then, as a Wu-Tang listener, I couldn’t relate to Nirvana’s “Nevermind” – but if your mate doesn’t listen to anything else and doesn’t have anything else with him, then you get to know grunge the hard way. Looking back, that was an important experience.

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