Listen to Spotify via Bluetooth on the stereo system – Here’s how

If necessary, you can also transfer Spotify via Bluetooth and listen to the music directly on your home stereo if you don’t want to just listen to it on your computer. We’ll show you how it works and which extensions you need if you want to transfer Spotify via Bluetooth.

The Spotify music streaming service gives you the option of streaming and listening to music via a desktop app or on a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. If you want, you can also connect this device to your stereo system via Bluetooth and enjoy the music in all its glory through the loudspeakers of your sound system.

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Connect Spotify to a stereo system via Bluetooth – you need this

If you want to hear the music in the best quality, you can connect Spotify to the stereo system via Bluetooth. In general, this is possible from any device and also independently of Spotify – if the Bluetooth connection is established, the audio data from the computer is simply transmitted to the system.

In order to set up the connection, you must first make sure that both the computer and the stereo system have the Bluetooth connection. Some plants, eg the Panasonic SC-PMX70BEGK support Bluetooth as standard – if this is not the case, you can get one Fix music adapter for Bluetooth audio devices. The same applies to the PC: Some mainboards come directly with Bluetooth support, otherwise you simply get a Bluetooth adapter for around 10 euros.

This is how you connect Spotify to the stereo system via Bluetooth

Once you have met all the required requirements, you can set up the connection. That’s how it’s done.

  1. Make sure that your system is set to Bluetooth reception or activate the music adapter.
  2. Then activate Bluetooth on the PC or mobile device, if not already done.
  3. In this article we will show you how the whole thing works under Windows 10: Windows 10: Activate Bluetooth – Here’s how.
  4. Then start the Spotify application: All audio data from Spotify (and of course all other sounds on the computer) are now transferred directly to the system.
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Tip: The music sounds best on the stereo system when the Spotify output quality is right. Also read this article: Spotify quality – how to improve the sound quality of the audio stream?

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