Spotify Canvas: what is it and how to disable it?

Spotify developers keep adding new features to the music streaming app. Recently, when playing some songs, the usual cover is no longer shown, but a mini video is played. This feature is called Spotify Canvas.

The background video adds a visual element to the current music playback. However, not all users want to access the additional visuals. You can also switch off Spotify Canvas in the settings. Spotify Canvas is only available in the app. The clips will not play in the desktop client or via the browser version of Spotify.

Turn off Spotify Canvas

A disturbing disadvantage with the canvas function are the hidden navigation elements. So the usual control buttons for music playback are missing, for example the forward or pause button. Here’s how you can turn off Spotify Canvas:

  1. controls that start menu the Spotify app.
  2. Click on the gear icon here to settings to open.
  3. Scroll a little down.
  4. You can find it here in the Android app Canvas option. Set the controller on leftto turn off the feature.
  5. In the iOS app you will find the entry in the playback settings.
spotiy canvas

The small videos are now switched off. All songs are now played back as usual with the display of the album cover and, if available, the lyrics. In addition to the return of the controls, you also save data volume for playback without canvas videos.

How to show lyrics in Spotify (video):

Spotify Canvas: What is it anyway?

The clips are not full-fledged music videos for the songs being played, but rather small videos of three to eight seconds. The feature is currently being tested with a selection of artists. You will see the canvas clip in the playback screen.

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Here you will find many more tips for Spotify:

What do you think of the function? Do the mini-clips spice up the music playback, or are the eight-second or less clips redundant? Post your experiences in the comments!

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