Spotify: change the country – so you can continue to listen to music on vacation

Spotify gives you access to millions of streamed songs. You can also access your favorite songs on holiday abroad. If you use the free account, you have to change the country in Spotify for a longer stay.

In the free version, Spotify can be used abroad for up to 14 days. To be able to access the music streaming abroad even after the two weeks, simply change the country for the account in the settings.

Spotify: change country on vacation

  1. Controls the Spotify website in the browser.
  2. Log in to the free account with your access data.
  3. Click on yours in the bottom left names.
  4. Choose here “show account“.
  5. You will be redirected to the account overview. Choose here “edit profile“.
  6. Here you can now “country” set to. The respective country is always available in which you are currently located or whose IP is used in the browser. In order to dial into a foreign country, you have to use a detour via VPN.
  7. Confirm the change with “save profile“.
  8. You have immediate access to this free offer of the selected country.

Get the most out of Spotify with these tricks (video):

For licensing reasons, the music on offer abroad may differ, so this change is necessary.

Spotify: Change country permanently after moving

If you are permanently abroad, for example after moving house, you should do that too Country for the premium account change. The setting works a bit differently, with the new country you also have to change the payment method. To do this, the premium account must first be canceled in the old country:

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  1. Cancel your Spotify subscription.
  2. Waits for the billing cycle to end and the account into the Free variant changes.
  3. Then log into your Spotify profile a.
  4. Opens the Account Summary.
  5. Chooses “edit profile“.
  6. Now you can select the new country. As described above, only the country in which you are currently located is displayed.
  7. Confirm the entry with “save profile“.
  8. Now you can new premium subscription to lock. This requires a new payment method that is available in the country for the Spotify subscription.

Everything worked? Has your account been transferred to the new country? Do you find that other Spotify content is available abroad that cannot be accessed in Germany, or are there any artists or albums missing? Post it in our comments!

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