Spotify current song cannot be played – what to do?

Spotify opens the door to the wide world of streaming music for you. An internet connection is required to play the songs. It’s annoying when playback is interrupted or a song doesn’t even want to start. So it often happens that Spotify users find the message “Current track can not be played” on the screen.

Here’s what you can do to fix the problem and how to get playback on the music streaming service up and running again.

Spotify: Can’t Play Current Song – Solutions and Help

The error message can have various causes. Before you start an intensive search for errors, you should check whether your own Internet connection is working at all. If no other websites can be called up either, you should check whether the PC or smartphone still has access to the Internet. If this is the case, do the following:

  • Clearing Spotify’s cache sometimes helps. To do this, select the settings in the client via “Edit” and select the “Cache” options via “Advanced Settings”. Note that hidden folders must be displayed under Windows.
  • Settings in the firewall or antivirus program can prevent Spotify from working properly. So check if the firewall is blocking Spotify.
  • If you play Spotify from the installed client and not the browser version, uninstall the application and then reinstall it. Installed files may have been corrupted or settings made such that the message “Current track cannot be played” appears on the screen.
  • If you use Spotify for free, go to the “Settings” via “Edit” and remove the “High quality streaming (Premium only)” setting for “Music quality”. This error occurs mainly when you use Spotify Premium and have improved the playback quality setting.
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Spotify: Can’t Play Current Track – Playback Error

The error can also be triggered by issues outside of Spotify. Ensures that the audio drivers on the system are up-to-date and properly installed. In the device manager via the control panel you can check whether the sound card is set up correctly and update drivers there if necessary. With us you will learn what you can do if there is no sound in Windows 10.

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