Spotify Error Code 3: What to Do When Login Fails?

Actually, with the popular music streaming service Spotify, you can access a huge digital music collection anytime and anywhere, provided you can get in. If Spotify gives you the error code 3, you cannot successfully log in to the music service. In this guide, we give you a few solutions to help you log in again.

Spotify Error Code 3 – What does it mean?

Error 3 always occurs on Spotify when there is a problem with your login data. It doesn’t matter whether you try to log in via the website, the program or the app for smartphones and consoles.

If Spotify shows you error code 3 when you try to log in, there are various possible solutions, which we have summarized for you in the following paragraph.

Spotify Error 3 – possible solutions

If you have a login problem – no matter how stupid it may sound – you should first check the typical errors:

  • Are the login data really correct or did you possibly make a typo?
  • Is the Shift key enabled?
  • Are you using the correct login page? If you have registered with your Facebook login, you must first select “Log in with Facebook”.

If you are sure that your login data is correct, there are various possible solutions to hang error code 3:

  • Enter your username instead of your email address and try to log in that way.
  • Check if you can log into Spotify on another device without any problems.

That didn’t work either? Then you should try a new password, simply select “Forgot your username or password?” and enter your e-mail (or optionally your username) in the following window. Spotify will then send you an email with which you can reset your password and create a new password. Simply click on the link in the email and create a new password. Then try to log in with your new credentials.

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Change Spotify password – Here’s how

If you do not receive an e-mail despite the request (also check your spam folder) or you cannot successfully log in to Spotify with the new login data on any device, you should contact the support of the music streaming service.

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