Spotify for free on iPhone and iPad: Here’s how…

The advertising-financed Spotify free access is now also available for the iOS app of the popular music streaming service – previously this was only reserved for the desktop version. We explain how you can use Spotify for free with iPhone and iPad.




Platforms:Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows, Windows 10

In the first step we load the Spotify app for free from the Apple App Store. The application is a universal app – so there is no separate iPhone and iPad app, it works on both devices. At least iOS 6 must already be installed. This means that older iPhones (up to iPhone 3G) and the first iPad are ruled out, they support iOS 5 at most.

Spotify: Music and Podcasts

Spotify: Music and Podcasts


Spotify on iPhone and iPad: Free registration

After starting the app, you have to to register, because without registration we cannot use Spotify on iPhone or iPad. You used to need one for this Facebook account. Currently, this is no longer absolutely necessary. Alternatively, we can simply get in touch with you any email address on. After that we can use Spotify – we don’t have to wait extra for a confirmation of the registration.

Login to Spotify: Facebook login or email address.

Spotify: Find music

Various functions are available to us – we can see them with a tap on the app control (top left, on the square with the three stripes). Under “Browse” we will find a number of already suggested playlists of different categories. Under “Discover” music recommendations are presented to us. “Radio” contains various Spotify stations – sorted by genres. Especially interesting: “playlist” – here we have access to our personal playlists. Of course we also have one search function to disposal. The results are sorted by artists, albums, playlists, profiles and only at the end do we see individual titles. Not the quickest way to get access to a specific song. Speaking of: In the free version, we cannot play a single title directly.

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Searched, found: Music on Spotify on the iPhone.

Playlists in the Spotify app

With the free Spotify Free access songs – whether in the personal or a public playlist or in artist profiles – only in shuffle mode (random play) be played. Direct song selection is not possible. In order to adapt the selection to personal taste, we can – as already mentioned – personal playlists create. We add these from existing playlists or based on the search results. What are we going to do?

This is how playlists are created and filled.

If we have found the right song, we select it (fingertip on the circular symbol next to the song). Now it is possible to use him queue or one playlist to add. We vote “Add to playlist”. If we have not yet created a playlist, we now press the following + icon (top right), name the playlist and confirm with “Create”. The song you just selected will be added to the playlist. We now only add more songs by directly selecting the playlists that have already been created. As an alternative to playlists, we choose “Star”. The song is then shipped to the “Star” “folder” and is available there – basically a kind of playlist, especially of “important” songs.

By the way: If the playlist is too short, Spotify will add suitable (i.e. similar) songs during playback.

Two of the many limitations of the free version of Spotify.

Other limitations of free Spotify Free access

  • Every few songs you have to with one advertisment calculate.
  • Music can’t do that offline listening downloaded – a network connection is mandatory.
  • Maximum can Skip 6 tracks per hour (by swiping in the lower playback area).
  • According to Spotify, users can use Spotify Free access six months unlimited to use. After this time, the service is only available for 2.5 hours a week available free of charge.
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If you want to eliminate all these restrictions and also want to get better sound quality (the free version is quite satisfying), you can for around 10 euros a month for a premium subscription order and receive a profound music flat rate – online and offline.

Another tip: Anyone who registers via Facebook has access to all premium features for 48 hours and can test them extensively. You will then receive a free trial subscription for a further 30 days – upon express request. But beware: If you don’t cancel in time, the free offer will then seamlessly convert to a paid subscription.

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